Blogging Offers Affordable Pricing


We offer several ways to buy content


1.) We can sell you content piece meal; For instance, you can buy pre-created articles (250-500+ words) at a per unit price of $5.00 each if you leave our links and credit on the bottom. You can buy blog articles for $7.50 each giving us credit for it, but no links. And you can buy our content for $10.00 per article, modify them in anyway, claim them as your own. 

2.) You can negotiate a quantity rate, for exclusive content, that is to say for you only, never to be used again and you can do whatever you want with them. We can make a deal for 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or 1,000 Blog Posts or Articles. The agreement can be a one-shot deal or on-going at "X" number of articles per week, month, quarter or year. You can dictate the subject matter and number of articles on each sub-topic. Fresh customized articles run $15.00 for 200-500 words. Fewer word articles or blog posts are less and many bloggers prefer to keep it simple and short. Others prefer us to do the larger articles and they enjoy posting the short and sweat blog posts themselves. Whatever you want - You are the Customer!

The Customer is Number One

3.) You can turn over your blog posting to us, where we keep it up with so many posts per day, week, month, year. Still, allowing you to post in between. We can tweak the content to your style and work with you as we go, to insure that all the content, what you post and what we post matches in tone, writing style and keeps with your needs. Our Full Blog Maintenance Services, are so customized that it will cost you a little more. We are open to your marketing plans, ideas and concepts and work well as part of your team.

4.) Website Content is negotiated based on your needs and desires. We believe that with our team and our quick response times, we are the perfect solution for you. Whatever it takes!

Generally, we work on the Blogging special "Pay in Advance" method until we develop a relationship. This also goes for Large Corporations, as we do not intend to become the Bank of Blogging Content. Some Bloggers have asked if we do trades, well, sure we can accommodate some sort of bartering/trading deal, so tell us what business you are in or what you have to trade? Some companies enjoy this and it gives us a chance to sample their products and thus, better serve them with content for their websites or blogs. 


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