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The number of bloggers on the Internet has grown exponentially over the past 5-years, and has easily surpassed critical mass. What started out as a communication log type web-format evolved into a social networking phenomena of the tech generations. Now, there are folks of every living generation online blogging up a storm. Corporations are using blogs to communicate with their employers, vendors, customers, and consumers. Small Business People, Professionals and Solo Practitioners are using blogs for marketing and reaching their niche clientele using special key wording that is specific to location and industry sub-sector; and it's working.

Industry based blogs are popping up everywhere, in nearly all sectors and they are gaining synergy and acceptance. Folks can network online, explain their business philosophy, share inspirational thoughts, talk about hobbies and become "real people" to those they do business with or hope to do business with in the future. Of course, a blog that becomes static or neglected also sends a message to vendors, customers and future clientele. The wrong message. Quite frankly it tends to demonstrate a lack of commitment, dedication, and perseverance, something that vendors, and customers value. Perhaps, this is why a dynamic and up-to-date blog puts folks at ease and increases the blogger's or company's credibility.

Please feel free to consider some of our thoughts and Philosophy on blogging. You are welcome to peruse some of the links below, hopefully they will get you thinking about what it means to be a Top Blogger in your industry, region or area of expertise. Indeed, if you are purely a blogger with a social networking focus, you might too enjoy these thoughts, as it will indeed, spur more of your own.

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