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If you are someone who has a lot of time on your hands and not so much money, then perhaps you are one of the millions of Bloggers, who Do-it-Yourself, all of it. We believe that the best way to operate a small business or company blog is to have both strong subject content and a personal flair. This means informational articles, plus slice-of-life observations and topics. Therefore, it makes sense to write some of your own Blog Posts (shorter ones) and outsource the heavier content requirements to us. However, if you are in a financial situation that does not allow this, we want to give you some advice on how to find relevant information. This will help you with the tools you need to Do-It-Yourself and never run out of things to write about.

Below are just some of the lists we use to stay up on the various industries, news events, market sectors, scientific discoveries and topics, so that we can prepare quality content for you. Still, we realize that many bloggers, do their own research in order to make their Blogs relevant to their many subscribers, and well, we completely understand. Hey, that is how we started out too, so, with that said; we hope you enjoy these lists and that you can use them to your advantage or use them to help you create a list of your own.


Online Newsletters and Ezines:

Note: It takes a lot of surfing over a long period of time to find the best online newsletters and ezines. It is recommended to take an email newsletter for 3 times, before unsubscribing, even if you are not sure. Eventually you will have a collection of ezines, which come on a periodic basis that are easy to scan and keep you up to date. Much of the information will be duplicated and appear online prior to the print news media, so you will always be ahead of the game and ahead of folks even in their own industries. The famous saying; "you can only believe half of what you read" does hold true in this venue, so beware of what you take as absolute fact, much is politically or PR motivated, nevertheless, very interesting indeed.






Non Profit


Futurist Topics

Third World






Note: Google Tool Bar allows you to customize and add these Digital Newspapers, so you can easily scan the headlines and read the most important information. 




EzineArticles News Alerts

 Note: EzineArticles is an online clearing-house and syndication website where some 100,000 authors post articles for distribution, about 1 Million articles are currently in this treasure trove directory. These email alerts often reveal the latest techniques and happenings in industry, government, non-profit sectors. Mr. Winslow himself contributes articles here.

The following email alerts are advised to stay abreast of information creation in real time. One can customize their own list (large or small)and receive information on a routine basis, great for small business people or folks are so busy they do not always know what is happening in subsectors of their own industry: 

Google News Alerts for the Following Words:

NOTE: When taking Google News and Blog Alerts one must quickly scan the titles and first few lines of each entry to maintain time efficiency. Anyone in business, specializing or interested in specific topics should do this.

UAV, UGV, Hypersonic Aircraft, Earthquake, Volcano, Typhoon, Hurricane, Wildfire, Ocean Dead Zone, Ocean Wave Energy, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Space Technology, Honduras, Kenya, Syria, Bolivia, Venezuela, Iraq, India, China Economy, Iran War, Mars Rover, NASA, DARPA, AFRL, SLAC, Computer Brain Interface, Life Extension, Vibrational Energy, Franchising, USDA, FDA, FCC, FTC, FAA, Carbon Nano-Tubes, BioTech, Climate Change, your name

Print Periodicals:

Note: There are many strategies one can employ to getting access to such magazines. Trade Magazines can often be ordered online for free, others can be picked up at Industry Trade Shows and then signing up there. Spending one to two days a month at a major bookstore coffee shop allows you to scan thru Magazines and take notes, looking up the rest of the information online later. Many magazines now have an online versions, which are sent by email, not all of it, such as classified ads or contributed byline filler articles, is online, but reading online and occasionally at a bookstore will keep you up to date. If you cannot find a specific trade journal or magazine each month, then even every other month or quarter will keep you up to speed. Industries are a lot slower to change than one might think. New innovations remain topics for 4-6 months covering all the angles, marketing and exploits. It is not as difficult as it looks.

Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
BBC Focus on Africa
Aviation Week and Space Technology
Air and Space
Flight Test
Space Flight
Launch Magazine
Sky and Telescope
UFO Magazine
Skeptical Inquirer
Nasa TechBriefs
Airport Business
General Aviation News
Ground Support
Composite Technologies
Coatings World
Pollution Equipment News
Inbound Logistics
PDF Plastics Distributor and Fabricator
Health Management Technology
Campus Technology
Speech Technology Magazine
Microwave Journal
RFID Journal
Government Video
Federal Computer Week
Campaigns and Elections
B to B (online marketing)
PC News
The Economist
Global Finance
Financial Times
Wall Street Journal
Investors Business Daily
Harvard Business Review
Robb Report
Strategy + Business
Business Week
Financial Advisor
Advertising Age
Broadband Properties
Professional Builder
Solar Today
Architectural Digest
Clean Rooms
Florida Trend's Business Florida
Hispanic Business
Red Herring
Desktop Engineering
Scientific American
Scientific American Mind
New Scientist
Psychology Today
Science AAAS
Popular Science
Popular Mechanics
The Futurist
Invention and Technology
Popular Communications
National Oil and Lube News
Octane, Canada's Car Wash and Petroleum Magazine
Commercial Carrier Journal
Transport Topics
Tire Business
Operation Blessing
Mobile-Tech News and Views
Professional Carwash Magazine
Modern Car Care
Detailers Digest
American Window Cleaner
Westways by AAA
Family Motor Coaching
Motorcycle Racer
Private Pilot
Sailing World
Professional Mariner
Cycling Plus
Runner's World
Track and Field
Counter Terrorism
Journal of International Security Affairs
VBA Notices Just-A-Minute
Mayflower Quarterly


Here is another excellent resource to help you Do-it-Yourself and find the content and interesting topics you need to insure subscribership. This list was compiled by; Lorelle VanFossen. In fact, if you are hell bent on Doing-It-Yourself, then I recommend a few hours research on Lorelle's website and Blog:




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